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Have you or someone you love been arrested for drug possession or possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance? Depending on the charge and the circumstances, there may be a wide range of alternatives available. In order to obtain the best possible result, an experienced drug defense lawyer is essential. At the Law Offices of V. Erik Petersen, I have over twenty-five years of experience as a trial lawyer handling these types of cases. I have handled drug cases both big and small. Whether you are charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana or possession with the intent to deliver any controlled substance I can help. Back when I was an Assistant District Attorney, I prosecuted hundreds of drug cases. As a defense attorney, I have represented countless individuals who have been charged with either possession or possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance. Several years ago, I represented an individual who was charged with trafficking over 550 kilos of cocaine. At the time, it was Pennsylvania’s single largest drug arrest. My extensive experience in this area of the law can help you achieve the best possible result if you are facing a drug offense. To discuss your legal options in more detail, contact the Law Offices of V. Erik Petersen for a free consultation.

Pennsylvania Search & Seizure Laws

The search is the lynchpin in defending drug cases. Whether the police searched your car, your home, or your person, they must do so in accordance with constitutional law. If a search warrant was obtained it must be supported by probable cause. Analyzing and attacking the search in a drug case is typically the most effective way to get the charges dismissed or reduced. I work hard to stay on the cutting edge of search and seizure law. If the arrest involves a recorded conversation, I make sure that the police follow the Pennsylvania Wiretap Law. I make sure that the authorities do not overstep their bounds. I zealously protect your rights.

Possession of a Controlled Substance – First Time Offenders in PA

Pennsylvania has a first-time offender provision known as Section 17 of Pennsylvania’s Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act. This law allows many people to be placed on probation without being convicted. If the probation period (typically 1 year) is completed without any violations the criminal record can be expunged (erased) as if the offense never happened. If you are interested in this program or think you are eligible I can help.

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